Billy and Sophie go to the Beach

Billy and Sophie go to the Beach

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An engaging story of two loveable characters  “Billy and Sophie” who set off for a day at the beach, stopping to buy some takeaway food on their way.  After eating their lunch they decide to go for a swim, leaving their rubbish on the beach.  Upon entering the water several sad and angry sea creatures appear.  The octopus is tangled in fishing line, the crab has a plastic drink bottle stuck on his claw and the whale has a drinking straw stuck in his blow hole.  Billy and Sophie are very sad and upset when they see the sea creatures and decide to help them. 

 How will Billy and Sophie help the sea creatures?  What will the sea creatures say?

Come with Billy and Sophie on their journey to the beach, meet their new friends the sea creatures and discover what happens next.


 A beautifully illustrated book with a subtle yet powerful environmental message teaching children from an early age the impact throwing rubbish into the ocean has on our marine life.