About the Author

Sue Hannant has served in the Australian Army, taught English to Kindergarten children in mainland China for 4 years, embraced life on the beautiful island of Borneo for 3 years, was a licenced drag car racer as well as having travelled and explored many countries.  She has published articles with International Living Magazine and is an occasional blogger for startsat60.com 

She and her husband have recently returned to Australia after living in Kota Kinabalu on the Island of Borneo, East Malaysia for the past 3 years where they now enjoy spending lots of quality time with their daughter and granddaughter.  

Her love of travel and the environment led her to write her first children’s story, in the Billy and Sophie series, "Billy & Sophie go to the Beach."  An inspiring educational story about the devastating effect rubbish has on our marine life when it is thrown into the oceans and waterways. Sue's next book Billy and Sophie meet the Orangutans will be available later this year.  

Sue's stories are based on her real life experiences and writen for children of all ages. Each book portrays an important yet subtle environmental message. Every picture tells a story in her beautifully illustrated and colourful books, that even the youngest of children can understand.