World Environmental Day

Not another International Day I hear you say!  Seems like we have a "Day" for everything now.  But World Environment Day celebrated on the 5th June annually is a no brainer when it comes to an important day.  It's an occasion when  environmental groups can educate the public on issues of environmental concern, address global problems and celebrate the achievements of humanity.  

I feel blessed for most of my life for having lived in places with clean air and surroundings. Appreciating nature comes naturally living here in Sabah.  Everywhere is naturally beautiful.  Untouched and relatively undeveloped the hope is that Kota Kinabalu will remain that way.  Never ending melodies from different birds whistling all day long, small lizards and squirrels scampering around the ground and up the trees not to mention the huge Monitor Lizards crossing your path some days is part of daily life here.  With Malaysia under total lockdown for 2 weeks at the moment there isn't any traffic on the roads giving an even more appreciation of the sounds from the local wildlife especially the birds. 

Sabah is all things natural from its thick dense jungles to its pristine waters and islands.  Make no mistake it has its share of pollution problems lurking beneath the surface of these beautiful waters, which I am happy to say there is now affirmative action in place from local organisations to "clean up" the ocean.  I am even more please to say that I have been asked to be part of this huge and important project, but more on that later.  

Enjoying the best of both worlds living in a condominium across the road from the ocean and waking up each morning to sweeping views of blue glistening water as the sun starts to beam on it, then looking out the other side to the rugged views of Mt Kinabalu with its surrounding dense hills has to be one of the best locations we have ever lived.

So yes, I will take a minute today to give gratitude and recognise World Environment Day.

View from our Condo
Sunset from our Condo
Bird watching trip - spotted the rare White's Head Spider-hunter
Photo - John Alexander
Lizard sunning himself
Trail to the waterfall


Photos - Sue Hannant

Whitehead's Spiderhunter bird - John Alexander