Back to Nature

When a friend suggested that we meet for lunch at Signal Hill, which, as the name suggests would be on the top of a hill, you conjure up a vision of sprawling views across KK.  Not so, in fact, not even close.  After getting lost, as we often do following the GPS here, for some reason, we found ourselves near the Observatory.  Thinking that we must be the right area, as we are on the top of the hill.  Not so, not even close once more.  Stopping to ask a pedesstrian for directions, then followed by a phone call, we made our way to the bottom of the hill.  Oh, is this is!  This is different, its a farm!  "Hope we won't be eating alfalfa sandwiches" were the words heard to be muttered.  Making our way inside the wooden constructed restaurant via its rickety paths we met our friend, chatting to the owner Mr Lee.  Suddenly a change of thinking started to happen.  What a peaceful place, with its pristine clear water fishponds and vines laden with pale purple flowers hanging from the roof. It took a little convincing that the flowers were indeed real as they were perfect in every way. The Signal Hill Eco Farm is literally a farm to table experience.  A family run business which follows natural farming techniques ensuring every dish on the menu is grown here, including the chickens, fish and ducks. Duck was obviously on the menu for someone today as a man walked past holding 2 ducks upside down by the feet in each hand heading to the kitchen area.
After Mr Lee and his wife both developed cancer he decided to grow organic vegetables focusing on helping others, providing good, healthy and clean food another option in the cure for disease.  Bitter gourds hanging from vines, wild figs, and fresh produce surround you as you stroll through his restaurant.  He restructured his water supply by changing its PH level to a higher oxygen content, feeds his poultry extracts of ginseng leaves, in his belief that eating a healthy diet can cure many illnesses.  He has become famous for growing Kale.  He told me that he gets his kale seeds from Brisbane, takes them to Perth for quarantining then brings them back to Sabah.  He proudly states that his kale is different from the normal rough type, which is usually just used for juicing.  Instead his is very soft, leafy and extremely edible.  My friend asked if I would like to order a glass.  Hmm, I think I will pass and just have a fresh pineapple juice instead, I told her politely, I will taste yours when it comes out.  The waitress came with a glass of the richest, greenest juice I have seen, and I was eager to try it.  I was pleasantly surprised of its taste.  Mixed with a little fresh pineapple juice it was an immediate decision to pass my glass of pineapple juice to Hubby so I could drink the kale juice.  It was so tasty, no sugar, no ice or preservatives of any kind.  Mr Lee sat with us for a while proudly educating us about himself and his business. The chicken and pineapple dish we ordered along with the fried rice was very tasty, as long as you didn't think about the fact that the chicken was probably running freely around the area 30 minutes earlier.