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The "Billy and Sophie" series of books are beautifully written and illustrated to capture the youngest of minds. With their simple and important storylines it is hoped that the information will become second nature to young children and they will grow up with the knowledge of how to care and respect the environment and all living creatures

Billy and Sophie go to the Beach

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The beginning of Billy and Sophie

This story was created and inspired by a dream, enjoying life, on the Island of Borneo in West Malaysia. Each morning would commence with a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Tanjung Aru Beach, Kota Kinabalu. Peaceful, with almost perfectly flat waters every day this beautiful beach and its surrounding scenery was just breathtaking. Except for one thing! Copious amounts of household garbage washed ashore with every high tide. From cooking utensils to disposable nappies and everything in between. We would carry a large bag and pickup the trash on our way back, only to see the same amount there again the next day. Many of the waterways are occupied by people living in stilt houses "homes built above the water." With no services available to them they use the ocean as a dumping ground.

Guess where Billy and Sophie are going next?